Assisting my clients to progress is a great joy for me.  I love making a difference in peoples lives through

Spiritual Self Development (Counselling), Energy Therapy and Reiki. 

I would love you to be part of the awakening of humanity and join in the joy with me!

Kym is a kind and loving person. She is amazing at everything she does in her spiritual practice. She is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Every time I have a session with Kym I feel inspired, re energised and uplifted. I was attuned to Reiki level 1 and 2 with Kym and the difference it has made to my life and the people around me is all positive. Kym is a very supportive teacher and has guided me through any obstacles that have arisen along the way in my Reiki healing journey. I look forward to many future encounters with Kym 💚 Emily Polley

Kym is a highly attuned empathetic healer who has helped me free my ego from survival mode and unprocessed pain. I have been guided by Kym to cultivate a balance and invite the wellness of harmony and self-love within me. I have so much gratitude for being guided to a spiritual counsellor who not only listens with empathy and non-judgement, but who would teach and guide me how to welcome my feelings instead of judging or fighting with them. Kym’s framework integrates psychotherapy and spiritual counselling, with a focus on how our own spiritual beliefs can be used in the healing process. Since the start of my counselling sessions, I have gained insight into the way my core beliefs and values are reflected in my behaviour and patterns. I now feel a deep sense of purpose and meaning in my life. I feel more loved, awakened and open to the greatest possibilities in life now. Thank you Kym for your kindness, embodiment, awareness and heart-centred offerings ❤️ Rachael Ritchie xx


Kym is a beautiful compassionate soul who is so easy to talk to and relate to, instantly puts you at ease. Her reiki treatments are phenomenal I walked out feeling so much better and was given the tools to continue feeling better for the future. Thanks Kym -  Taye Rogers


From the first phone conversation I knew I found what I needed.. I was greeted by Kym when I arrived. The moment I walked into her room I felt calm and safe.. My path in life in 2020 was very hard for me suffering with the suicide of my husband, soulmate and my best friend and the loss of our Labrador.. Never did I think I would love my life again, but Kym has given me hope. I am looking forward to my next visit. Already after one visit I know I can do this... I am on a spiritual journey, thank you Kym for your guidance, knowledge and being part of my path.  Andrea Exalto

I feel very thankful and grateful to have met someone that’s so giving and compassionate towards people and has such a warm presence that makes you feel safe and loved! I would 100 % recommend anyone to go see this Devine soul .  Sophie Griffiths

I have been a client of Kym's for around two years now and in that time, I have had some wonderful experiences in our sessions, spiritually, mentally and physically.  Kym is very compassionate, understanding, such a good listener and I have never felt judged.  Kym has an amazing ability to empower others to find their own answers and solutions.  I have found physically and emotionally that I always feel amazing after a session.  Kym's intuition with locating pain and alleviating it is wonderful.  Her ability to receive guidance from her Spirit team, as well as guidance from my guides is mind blowing at times.  Sometimes life can be difficult, but after a session I am able to see life with clarity, understanding and what could have taken me weeks to months to figure out, is fast tracked after a session. The sessions have helped me to let go of what was no longer serving me and brought me closer to knowing and loving who I am. With my deepest gratitude.  Linda Thorp


I don't know how to put this into words properly.... I'm just grateful I found you! I have no friends or family that I can speak with about my spiritual journey and my suffering from fear and anxiety. You help me a lot because you have been down the same path and you're so lovely to talk to. You are always there to listen which I love. You have taught me to learn about fear so I can overcome it. Open and connect with my heart and soul. Learning to ask myself and my body what it wants to tell me instead of expecting other people to help fix me. You have helped me change and I couldn't get through this difficult time without you and your support. Tameeka Grey 

I had a session with Kym just to see what it was all about , best thing I ever did for myself! Kym has taught me how to change my thinking, to be mindful of the words I speak and to trust and love myself. I have been recommending Kym’s services to everyone I know and feel very privileged to have the additional support from the content in Facebook.  Shelley Everettsmith 

l had a distant healing session with Kym, and the results speak for themselves. This session changed my life for the better. l could feel the negative energy leave my body l felt lighter and open after our session, l had a clear mind and felt amazing. l had blockages and since they were removed in our session l have experienced profound emotional and spiritual growth, it's like a new door has opened for me. l would recommend Kym to all 😁my session was such a blessing🙏 Angie Brown 

I had my first distant healing today and it was incredible! The experience was very insightful and I’m excited to explore it further.  Kym was honest and gentle with the whole process and I’m truly grateful for the healing she offers. Before the healing I felt scattered and unbalanced but afterward I felt completely different, much more calm and balanced. I urge anyone that wants to explore healing on any level or explore how energy works, then Kym is the lady to see! She is truly a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart.

I can’t Thank you enough Kym 😊 Allison Hosking 

I found the healing session with Kym was truly magnificent, I really loved my experience with Kym. The chat beforehand was lovely. The room was beautiful. The music was perfect, and the energy was absolutely gorgeous. I felt safe and comfortable. The session was absolutely amazing. Thank you for your divine service Kym. I appreciate your kindness and healing touch. ♥️♥️ Gxxx Georgie Heart 

Kym, she is in a single word amazing. For me it was serendipity meeting her. Working with her is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. As soon as I met her I had a feeling of hope. Hope that healing is possible and life could become what it should be, full of joy and happiness. Her sessions are two part, talk therapy and then energy healing through Reiki. This combination is a very thorough and unique one. What I think is great about Kym is she leads you to solve your own problems, getting to the heart of the issue for you, and helping you connect with your own inner power. The reiki releases and compliments what happens in talk therapy. Her gentle manner, her kindness and compassion is due to her connection with source energy. I have just begun my journey with Kym and I feel it's going to get better and better. I highly recommend Kym. She has a special gift to connect you to higher vibrational living.  Kym Foley

I had a session with Kym this week about clearing some old, unhelpful beliefs. It was a phone appointment and I was excited, but also a little sceptical as to how effective it would be... I'm so glad I've connected with this amazing human being. After speaking with Kym, I feel like something has been unlocked within me and I have now progressed with my "shadow work". It feels amazing and I now see a way forward with something that has held me back for years. I'll definitely be booking more sessions to keep working with Kym.  Dee Stokes

Kym is a kind and gentle soul. I've tried regular counselling before and felt that they are not as connected or interested in me as they should be. After seeing Kym I felt lighter, my mind felt calmer and generally happier. I even had comments on how my posture had changed and looking more relaxed and happy. I will continue to see Kym for Reiki, such a wonderful experience. Cannot rate Kym more highly. Worth the beautiful drive to the Huon Valley.  Kristy-Lee Holzner