Reiki is the Japanese form of healing, transferring Universal Energy into the body to promote physical and emotional healing. It is the channelling of pure Universal Energy into your body for your body to use it as it chooses


It is calming and relaxing while reducing physical and emotional pain. Reducing mind chatter for a better nights sleep and an increase in energy.

Energy Therapy is combined with Reiki and clears the Aura or Energy Field, which surrounds your physical body and also holds the energy of your emotions, thoughts and physical sensations that stem from inside the body. Your Aura also holds the energy of other people, as their energy goes into your energy field when you are in close proximity to them.


Unresolved and suppressed emotions slow down your energy field making you feel heavy, tired and stuck in old patterns. Clearing the unexpressed and unresolved thoughts and feelings from your Aura with Energy Therapy, will leave you feeling light and peaceful with clearer thinking and less mind chatter.  


Reiki is beneficial for;

  • Relaxation

  • Pain reduction

  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression

  • Reduction of Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy side effects

  • Consultants or people working with the public, to maintain clarity of mind, energy, compassion           and Self care.

It's good have your energy cleaned up but if you continue with life in the same way as before, you will create the same situations that brought you to me in the first place, you will need to be learning and growing and for this reason I have incorporated into your session a variety of Spiritual and Universal Principles and modalities including numerology and current astrological influences so you can take that information with you and continue your learning and growing.


Come in your trackies if you like, or what you feel most comfortable in... no need for makeup and don't worry about your hair, you can be totally free and not judged! I want you to feel you can be yourself.


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