Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy clears the Aura or Energy Field, which surrounds your physical body and holds the energy of your emotions, thoughts and physical sensations that stem from inside the body. Your Aura also holds the energy of other people, as their energy goes into your energy field when you are in close proximity to them.


Unresolved and suppressed emotions slow down your energy field making you feel heavy, tired and stuck in old patterns. Clearing the unexpressed and unresolved thoughts and feelings from your Aura, will leave you feeling light and peaceful with clearer thinking and less mind chatter.  


Connections are made between the emotional and/or physical pain and the vibrations in your energy field before they are released from your energy.

If you are looking for answers and resolution, then this modality will unblock and release what has been holding you back.   

​Energy Therapy can reduce pain by removing the low vibrations around the painful area. A connection is made between the physical pain and the behaviour pattern or emotional situation that has created the pain.  It’s then followed up with Reiki to enhance the healing.

Energy Therapy is beneficial for:

  • Spiritual Hygiene - removing the heaviness and other peoples energy from your Aura

  • Reduction in aches and pains

  • Clarity of mind

  • Connection to Self 

Energy Therapy will always be combined with Reiki.

A Combined Consultation including Reiki, Energy Therapy and Spiritual Self Development Coaching makes for a POWERFUL session with major self development.

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