About Kym 

I have been studying Self Development since 1995 through many Spiritual Teachers, participating in workshops and courses, but the most intense and profound teachings have come from life itself. You see, my life had been filled with drama and trauma from the moment I was born which set up a really good defence mechanism where I would react to just about everything because I'm a highly sensitive person. 

Sensitive to energy and peoples feelings and thoughts. Being this way felt like a curse as I was always told that I was too sensitive and I overreacted all the time!


Thank goodness I was introduced to Self Development and Spirituality which helped me understand myself, who I am and that my sensitivity is actually a blessing and not a curse. Being "A sensitive" is what I now use to sense what is within you, your pain and repressed emotions, while receiving messages from your guides and loved ones that have passed over.


Getting to know myself has taught me that I have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance.


An empath to the emotional, physical, animal, environmental, medical, and intellectual. Which gives me further insights to what you are thinking and feeling.  


As well as being blessed with these gifts, I am also a conduit for pure love, from the Source of All That Is, which will raise your vibration while we are connected in a session.


I use all of these gifts while working with you to connect you to the mystery of your own well being. 


The amount of life experiences and positions I have lived and worked, has given me a vast amount of opportunities to learn from and together with my gifts, counselling and ten years in the funeral industry as a bereavement support worker and coordinator of grief support groups, has trained me to be the teacher and healer I am today.


Psychics and Astrologers have labelled me a Shaman, a label I am proud to wear.


​I can't tell you how much I love my work, how much joy it gives me to see the difference I can assist you to make in your life!


This is my purpose and the reason I have come here at this particular time in the history of humanity.