Help Has Arrived!
with Kym Meure

Not religious or airy fairy!
Kym Meure Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Self Development Coach and Energy Therapist

Practical and down to earth consultations!

Energy Therapy, Reiki and Spiritual Self Development together make a very powerful consultation. 


Clearing your energy field of the old, rejuvenating with Reiki and Spiritual Self Development Coaching to talk it out and learn about life at the same time!

Energy Therapy is gentle but very powerful! You need to be ready for this as the work I do comes with a warning! You have to be prepared for the changes that will occur within yourself and in your life. Once your energy field is cleared, you will need the tools to keep moving forward, so the same challenges aren't recreated into your life again.


Spiritual Self Development is ongoing teachings, support and coaching assisting you to create a more harmonious life for yourself and others.

The healing journey
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